Arranged marriage Versus Love marriage Effects

Arranged marriage Versus Love marriage Effects. This paper documents the sharp and continuous decline of arranged marriages (AM) around the world during the past century, and describes the factors associated with this transition. To understand these patterns, I construct and empirically test a model of marital choices that assumes that AM serve as a form of informal insurance for parents and children, whereas other forms of marriage do not.

Children accepting the AM will have access to insurance but might give up higher family income by constraining their geographic and social mobility. Children in love marriages (LM) are not geographically/socially constrained; they can look for the partner with higher labor market returns and have access to better remunerated occupations.

Children of today are the future of tomorrow. Almost three decades ago it was widely acknowledged that low human capital base is the most serious developmental constraint in developing countries.1 Several studies have emerged since then which demonstrated the importance of investment in human capital formation of children in the context of developing countries.

Interpersonal Issues

to reflect on the quality of marriage, one way would be to study love and arranged marriages and their affective quality. Batabyal and Beladi (2011) differentiated love and arranged marriages in the following manner, “In “love marriages”, men and women who wish to get married search for a bride/groom and this activity is generally conducted by the two individuals who are interested in getting married. In contrast, in “arranged marriages”, the individuals who wish to get married typically do not conduct any search activities by themselves.

Arranged marriage

Instead, the process of searching for a suitable bride or groom is conducted by parents, family, and, in recent times, increasingly by matchmaking firms”. In love marriage, the basis is mutual attraction and affection whereas, in arranged marriage the basis is the selection of most appropriate match from the options available. Each type of marriage has its pros and cons. The question that needs to be addressed here is to find out the type of marriage which leads to lesser interpersonal problems among married couples.

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