Aristotle Essay

Aristotle Essay. identify what Aristotle taught about leisure,
compare and contrast two major philosophical perspectives on leisure,
distinguish between a modern and a classical definition of leisure,
define how leisure relates to well-being/happiness,
define how philosopher Josef Pieper interpreted Aristotle, and
generate arguments in a logical and analytic style of thinking.

Students are to write a short essay to address the following:

According to Josef Pieper, how does the classical idea of leisure, found in Aristotle, differ from the modern idea of leisure? Present and incorporate also at least one point from the other readings on leisure as offered in Unit 1 and/or Unit 2 and/or Unit 3.

Aristotle Essay


Prepare a persuasive essay to develop your particular approach to answering the question, establish your arguments, provide support for these arguments (both from the assigned readings and external sources), and summarize in a conclusion.
Format the paper using APA style, double spaced, with appropriate headings, and a title page and reference page.
The essay should be approximately 1100 words (+/-100 words, excluding title and reference pages).
A minimum of 4 references should be included, and should follow APA referencing style. Please use the readings and links found in the course units as your sources for this essay. You can use the textbook, any of the library articles or any of the other linked readings.

The Iterative Parts of the Essay

There are three parts to this essay that must be followed in sequence in order for the paper to reach the final part and be graded.

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