Ariannadenyse A. Gagonia

Arianna Denyse A. Gasgonia III-Hosea Reaction Paper in Filipino (Noli Me Tangere) When we watched the stage play of Noli Me Tangere, I was excited but not until we knew that we were headed to the Star Theater, and not at the CCP Theater as we expected. When we got out of the bus, we brought or jackets with us because we expect it to be cold as the AFP Theater. But once we were inside, it was hot and eventually, we had to fan ourselves with the hand-outs that we bought. When the play started, I was a bit disappointed because some parts of the scene were just played with a projector.
We thought it was very boring and uninteresting because of the lack of props. The last 2 years, we watched Ibong Adarna and Florante at Laura at the AFP Theater and they gave us their full performance which is interesting enough. While at the Star Theater, I really thought that it sucks compared to the AFP Theater. They lack in props (as I had already said) and even the ones that they have are old and looks battered. Their costumes look cheap and I don’t find it entertaining. They have a projector background and we thought it was so uncool.
At the AFP Theater, they have backgrounds and props colorful and pretty enough to be entertaining for us. At the Star Theater, they even lack characters. In some scenes, I find it odd because it was different from what I’ve read and I was looking for my favorite chapters and lines and I found out it was the ones that they’ve cut. I really thought that it was poorly directed, though the characters portray their roles well and I found no fault in them. They are good at acting but sometimes their mic would just turn on and off at their slightest movements. Overall, I think it was a tiny bit unpleasant (no offense! and I would prefer watching at the AFP Theater if given the chance. For me, everything was almost always out-of-placed, except for the characters. Well, at least they’re worth watching. They are the only ones that I liked at the play and I particularly enjoyed the last scenes where there we loud booms enough to prattle our bored minds. At least it was exciting even though it’s the only one I found interesting. It was the least of what we expected and I know its an awful lot of expecting. One thing I know is, though, is I would never ever prefer Star Theater from the AFP Theater. Ever.