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Arguments based on emotion work in different media by getting the audience to feel a sense of what the advertiser is trying to convey. The effectiveness of these arguments differ based on the promoter and what they are trying to present. For example, if the promoter is trying to get a message across through a book, they have to include something that might interest readers. Unlike books, if they are trying to advertise something through television, they include something that might interest people who like watching T.
V. , such as “couch potatoes” etc. The approach for magazines is different. If someone is already reading a magazine they are in for ads therefore it is much easier to grab their attention. However, arguments based on emotion vary significantly on websites. You can go from a positive response to an extremely negative response in a few seconds, therefore you must be careful. Certain things an ad might portray may go against what someone believes and will instigate hate” comments which technically may not deserve that type of classification.
Others may be able to receive the emotion the ad is trying to present and therefore the ad can be successful. Newspapers are an emotionally colder source than television news in my perspective because when you are watching the news, the reporters can sound a little enthusiastic, delivering the news in a hopeful manner. When reading the newspaper, you can only Interpret It how you envision It and so If the tone of the paper Is depressing, then It would be emotionally colder.


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