Arguing for Drug Testing Policy

This memo is in response to your recent e-mail in regards to random drug testing. I believe that implementing this policy would be extremely beneficial to our company as a whole. This is for the following reasons: financial savings, workplace safety, and to maintain our reputation. Financial Savings It is important that we strive to maintain a safe and effective work environment for every single one of our employees.
It is estimated that workplace accidents related to drugs have costs employers in the United States $75 to 100 billion dollars per year. Those who abuse are also six times more likely to file worker’s compensation claim and use 16 times the amount of health benefits as their fellow employees who do not use drugs. (http://www. employmentdrugtesting. com/screening. html_) Not ensuring that our employees are drug-free could end up costing our company a great deal of money in the long run if an employee under the influence injures themself or nother employee while on the Job here at Life Support, Inc.
One might argue that implementing this drug-testing policy would actually cost our company more money due to the cost of the drug tests. However, the cost of a drug test cannot compare to the higher cost of worker’s compensation or lawsuits to this company that could potentially occur due to an employee under the influence while on the Job. Spending money on these drug tests is a preventative measure to keep our company from spending more money in the long run. Workplace Safety It is absolutely vital that Life Support, Inc. rovides an environment in which our employees come to work knowing that we value their safety. The facts and figures mentioned above suggest that employees under the influence of drugs are extremely likely to cause and produce accidents in the workplace. The drug users are not the only ones at risk. Employees under the influence of drugs are clearly not performing to the best of their ability; their impaired state can cause them to make careless mistakes or exercise poor Judgment that they normally would not if they were in a ober state of mind.

This can cause injury not only to them, but their fellow co- workers. By “weeding out” the employees who choose to use drugs, we will be providing a safer place for our workers and also show them that we truly value their safety. Maintain Reputation It is important for Life Support, Inc. to maintain a reputable image. By not tolerating drug abuse by our employees we present ourselves as a company that really cares about their people and also the quality of their products.
Our products will continue o be made of impeccable quality and be held to the highest standards in the industry. Our clients and those who use our products will know that Life Support, Inc. is a name to be trusted. This kind of quality and standards will reduce any possible liability for any malfunctioning equipment. I urge you to consider the potential savings, workplace safety, and our reputation as you continue to make your decision in regards to this matter. As always, please feel free to contact me if I can be of any other assistance to you.

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