Argentina’s Economic, Political, and Environmental Crisis

Argentina’s Economic, Political, and Environmental Crisis. Environmental issues relating to farmers, indigenous groups, and endangered species affected by the land’s diminishing agricultural regions. (Wichi People)

Include air pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, or the uncontrolled pesticides into the water by privatized utility companies remain an ongoing presence in the nation.

The rate of rapid unemployment, high inflation, and the devaluation of the Argentine Peso, and policy mismanagement by presidential leaders may have forced the government to turn to unethical alternative methods of producing and exporting goods.

Argentina’s lenient fiscal policies and unregulated methods of Peronism

Developing new alternative natural energy sources that could eliminate carbon emissions to the atmosphere and protect biodiversity.

Evaluate Argentina’s history of presidents’ past policies to compare and contrast how each system has impacted Argentina’s nation.


Policies made by the Argentine government could have a significant impact on how other countries enforce specific strategies.

Reforms for workers in Argentina

Corruption and economic instability have put Argentina in a strain to export crops for monetary purposes.

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