Objectives: The paper should be long enough to define every  parameters needed for the project. These parameters include the research  methods, objectives and the literature. It should also provide adequate  narration needed in applying for a fellowships and/or a grant.
Background: An Overview of the development of the topic
2-3 pages summary of significance: Summarize the ways that your study will add to the body of knowledge and explain whether and how any person could find this study of use or value, write a description of the importance of doing the research.  Make sure to highlight the questions on which to focus in the main  paper. 
6-10 pages literature review: This features a discussion of  literature related to the research topic and comes from researches  carried out by other experts on a previous date.  It shows how your  research diverts from or is similar to common interpretations. 
3-6 pages methodology: In this case, the author dwells into  discussing the sources of data and methods of collecting such data for  the project. For instance, the primary methods, visual methods and  secondary data can be considered. Explain and discuss the methods that you will be using and the reasons for using them and discussions on the validity and limitations of the study. The temptation is always trying to  make this as short as possible when writing a dissertation proposal, yet  it is the section that guides on what must practically be done. It also  reveals the resources needed, amount of work and time to carry out each  specific task to complete the project. 
1 page for research time table. The timetable is an  indication of when and where each of the tasks required to complete the  research shall be done. It can be useful to do this in a graphical form. This should set out the times that you plan to start and finish each stage of the study, ie proposal, data collection, data analysis, write up, submission. 
1 page for dissertation  proposal outline: The outline lists the  various core sections and subsections of the paper. 
References page (s). 

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