Are there important issues facing Uber

Are there issues facing Uber. Are there important issues facing the company? (Examples of issues can include poor financial performance, failure of products, poor market share, entry into a new market, introduction of a new product, acquisition of another firm, merger with another firm, etc.) You need to convince me that the issue you have selected is worth looking at and is important for the company.
– Can their issues be explained by forces in the external environment?.

For this first paper, you need to perform and external analysis of the industry that your chosen company is in. If the company is diversified, focus on the industry of the business unit(division) you will be studying. Your paper should include apply concepts from Chapter 2 (pages 43 to 68) and Ch. 5 (pages 159 to 166).

Be sure you understand the concepts and apply them to the best of your ability based on the facts that you uncover about the industry you are studying. You don’t need to explain the concepts; instead the emphasis should be on applying the model/concept. Also, it is likely that some models or concepts may not be applicable and, if so, you don’t need to use them. In other words, don’t feel like you have to include every key term in the pages above in your paper.

Washington, D.C., resident Bridget Todd tweeted that a driver grabbed her out of the car by her throat because she was kissing her “white husband.” The driver said that Todd was extremely intoxicated and had been behaving aggressively, and a fight had broken out between them. 

Valleywag reported that CEO Travis Kalanick emailed the company’s press team at the time, blaming the media for thinking that Uber is “somehow liable for these incidents that aren’t even real in the first place.”

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