In this activity you will conduct a critical appraisal of a randomized trial pertinent to the field of biomedical informatics. The critical appraisal should be done using a checklist found at the Consort website (Links to an external site.).
You will find your assigned reading in the attached “Assignment 2 Reading List w Links” file.
This is an individual assignment. Please do your own work.
How to Conduct Your Appraisal:
1.  Download a copy of the CONSORT Checklist (Links to an external site.) as a Word.doc and save it to your computer.
2.  Determine if your paper adheres to each specified criteria listed on the checklist.
3.  If an item is scored as ‘yes’, indicate the page number on the checklist.
4.  If an item number is scored ‘no’ indicate your reasons why on a separate explanation page. This includes items scored as not applicable (N/A).
5.  Compute the CONSORT score: Award 1 point for each criterion that is met. (For items with 2 parts, A & B,  give 1/2 point for each.) Maximum number is 25.
6.  Complete the CONSORT header page and upload all three items as attachments using the Assignment link below.