Applying sociological imagination to a social issue

Applying sociological imagination to a social issue


Choose a current article (published within a year) summarizing its content and apply your sociological imagination to a social issue. Your choice of the article will aim to describe your perspective on what C. Wright Mills termed as “the sociological imagination.” Your essays will reflect on the themes of consumption, globalization, and the digital world and will demonstrate a working knowledge of at least 5 sociological concepts that this class covers. You need to explain and properly use 5 sociological concepts for every post to earn full credit and you are not allowed to recycle concepts. In other words, you need to use new concepts in every essay.


How can the sociological imagination be used to view social problems?


Your essay should demonstrate a clear understanding of the sociological imagination including the link between personal troubles and social issues, local and global, micro and macro levels. You will need to cite your sources in ASA format. I expect this essay to be 1-2 pages when using double spaced and 12 font for format. Grading for this assignment will be as follows:

1 point for choosing a sociologically relevant and valid source

2 points for summarizing the article and explaining why you think the article is fit for sociological scrutiny

2.5 points for clarifying the sociological concepts that you use and why you have chosen to apply them to the current article.


How important is sociological imagination as a tool for studying society?

  • points for properly citing the article and your sources including the textbook.
  • Please ensure that you are not plagiarizing your sources and using the words present in those texts to articulate your thoughts.
  • You will definitely receive 0 points for this assignment if that is the case.
  • Articles and all forms of media are written for an audience, use a certain language, and are anchored on certain sources.
  • Analyzing what the article bases its assumptions on and its methods of data collection are crucial when choosing your articles. Please make sure you evaluate these points as you write your essays.