Application of Psychoanalytic Theory in case analysis

Application of Psychoanalytic Theory in case analysis

Application of Psychoanalytic Theory in case analysis. Read the case of Melody below. Then, applies Psychoanalytic Theory to this case analysis. Based on Psychoanalytic Theory, describe and explain Melody’s presenting problems and history in the context of this theory and then provide a proposal for how you would proceed with Melody’s case as guided by Psychoanalytic Theory. Finally, discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using Psychoanalytic Theory in Melody’s case.

What are the application of psychoanalytic theory?

• INTRODUCTION – Describe Psychoanalytic Theory appropriately.

• CASE CONCEPTUALIZATION – Explain the details of Melody’s case (i.e. history, presenting problems, other life details) using key concepts of Psychoanalytic Theory.

• RECOMMENDATIONS – Provide recommendations for treatment and next steps based on Psychoanalytic Theory.

• CRITIQUE – Include both the benefits and drawbacks of conceptualizing Melody’s case with Psychoanalytic Theory.


How do we apply psychoanalytic theory to a literary work?

Melody’s Case:

Melody is a 24-year-old Native American female who has been married to her husband
for 1 year. Melody lives in a small southern city where she recently moved to with her husband
to begin a Master’s program in engineering 1 month ago. She is from a larger city 6 hours away
where her family lives. Both of Melody’s parents are alive and still married, and she has an older
sister and younger brother. Melody is well groomed and displays no abnormalities in her mental
status. During her initial assessment with the counselor, she was open and repeatedly noted the
distress she felt due to her current situation. Throughout the session, she was physically restless
and was often quickly tapping her leg on the ground.
Melody stated she decided to seek counseling due to high levels of stress and worry that
began immediately after beginning her Master’s program. She further explained she believes the
stress is directly related to her school performance and worry about her ability to maintain a
happy relationship with her husband now that they are out of college and away from their
families. Melody said she constantly feels that if she does not get excellent scores on school
assignments and feedback, she will fail to successfully complete the program. Additionally,
Melody mentioned she is the only Native American student in her Master’s program, and
reported that she worries both the faculty and students look at her differently because of this.
Melody reported that her parents had been supporting her throughout college but now she
is financially independent with loan money as her only source of income, as her husband is also
in a graduate school program in engineering taking out loans. Melody noted distressing
experiences from her childhood with her parents regarding excessive control she felt they tried to
exercise on her life, from extracurricular activities to career choice to even romantic choices.
Additionally, Melody noted that she has been struggling to adjust to life with her husband as they
have been living together for 1 full year now. Melody reported the factors that ultimately led her
to seek out help were her husband’s concern regarding her current stress levels along with her
own fear of “spinning out of control.” She reported the stress and worry “consume her life” and
have also resulted in decreased abilities to concentrate and focus. Finally, Melody said the stress
and worry have not yet begun to negatively affect her relationship with her husband, however,
she noted she was concerned that if it continues for much longer, the relationship might be
Melody reported occasional irritable mood due to frustration about school
responsibilities. Additionally, she described experiencing specific anxiety symptoms, including
worry about school, difficulty stopping this worry, feeling nervous about going to class, and
racing heart when thinking about school. When asked about the environments in which these
symptoms present, she stated they only occur as related to her Master’s program. Melody also
reported she has lost 8 pounds since the stress began due to feeling like she has does not have
time to eat because of looming school responsibilities. Moreover, she noted a decrease in sleep
duration from 8 hours to 5-6 hours per night. Furthermore, Melody described feeling fatigued
“Pretty much 24/7.”
Melody disclosed the only times she does not experience the stress and worry is when she
exercises or spends times with friends, although she often worries about the time not spent on
Master’s program tasks after completing exercise or hanging out with friends. She revealed 3
sources of social support as close relationships with her father, husband, and best friend from
college. Melody reported very occasionally drinking alcohol, which she quantified as 1-2 drinks
“Every now and then.” She also reported having a general physical checkup approximately 2-3
months ago, and indicated no chronic medical history, no previous mental health treatment, and
no current medications.

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