Application of Jean Watson’s Theory in Nursing Today

Application of Jean Watson’s Theory in Nursing Today

Application of Jean Watson’s Theory in Nursing Today. Caring is the essence of nursing; Jean Watson. Jean Watson, born in 1940 in West Virginia, is an American nurse popular for her theory of human caring. She also authorizes numerous books and articles, where institutions use her philosophies in their studies. Her philosophy shows how nurses should care for patients to promote growth and health. The world knows her as a nurse theorist and nursing professor who established the theory of human caring. Watson’s theory shows that caring eases the patient’s suffering, and enhances the nurse’s actualization, hence its importance.

In her theory, Watson established four major concepts: One is the human being, a fully functional being that deserves care and respect. Second is health, the connection between mind, body, and soul. The third is the environment; it determines a patient’s recovery process, and lastly, nursing determines the caring of human beings. Devi et al. (2022) emphasize that when nurses provide patients with optimum care, it can help them recover fast as they feel confident (p. 1465). By following Florence Nightingale’s beliefs about caring, Watson claims that nurses influence self-healing in patients by providing a healthy environment. An article by Matthews et al. (2020) shows how Nightingale was always in her happy moments while caring for the wounded soldiers; watching her conduct the patient rounds at night encouraged and gave them hope for recovery. Hence, Watson’s theory of human caring provides harmony between human beings, health, environment, and nursing; giving care and a healthy environment improve’s the patient’s self-healing power.

Today, applying Watson’s theory has greatly improved the nursing practice. Watson’s theory involves various strategies; assessment, care plan, intervention, and evaluation. While assessing a patient, the nurse should create a caring relationship. Following Devi et al. (2022), Watson shows that the nurse-patient relationship promotes the overall healing experience (p. 1467). When providing a care plan for the patients, the nurse displays unconditional acceptance and supports the patient’s emotions. As well, applying a holistic treatment approach aids in the patient’s fast recovery. Nursing interventions require time to have a moment with patients; for example by medical administration, bedside care, and monitoring the recovery process. According to the American Nurses Association (n.d), evaluating the patient’s progress and nursing care are important, as they help in adjusting treatments where necessary. Evaluation helps to determine if the nurse’s engagement with the patient aided the healing process. Conclusively, Watson’s theory of human caring has helped the current nursing practice to engage with patients, thus advancing the healing process.

Watson agrees with Nightingale’s vision that nursing and a healthy environment boost a patient’s healing process

In Jean Watson’s theory, caring promotes the patient’s healing as it helps the nurses to realize their potential. Watson introduced four concepts that define the caring and healing process; human beings, environment, health, and nursing. Watson agrees with Nightingale’s vision that nursing and a healthy environment boost a patient’s healing process. Today, applying Watson’s theory of human caring has improved the nursing practice. According to Watson, a nurse’s role involves creating a caring relationship and appreciating the patients’ emotions. Holistically treating patients and taking time to evaluate them also improves their health and healing process.






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