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For example, 600 Apple engineers developed operating system in two years unlike 1 0,000 Microsoft engineers, who developed Window Vista in five years. There are two major advantages f team stars: 1) Sheer firepower – the integration Of world class talents which increases performance and productivity. 2) Synergy – the bringing together of a pool of the best thinkers which ignites creativity and ideas. Good talent management Understanding the team members’ strengths is critical: Team effectiveness arises as a result of understanding the strengths of each team member.
Know their ability, in order to fill roles outside of their current positions. Indeed, care should be taken to avoid talent hoarding a situation of confining star players to an organizational division. Don’t create disincentives for teamwork. Avoid inappropriate assessment methods which leads to team disincentive. For instance, Microsoft’s “stack ranking” performance evaluation system, created a competition amongst employees, instead of competing with its rivals. There is a chance that “A” players would not like to work with each other in fear of being seen as a weak member/link.
Own the pipeline As talent is always a key component of strategy, the organizations should keep recruitment process internally. There is a danger of denomination among team members when the organization recruits externally at the expense of its internal talents. Internal talent should be recognized and roomed. Play your best hand: This entails making the right choice of the mission and the critical projects. The teams with star members should be used for big and strategic projects. For instance, to development Boeing 777 airliner, the company began by assembling its best team of engineers.

It then incorporated customers and use of new technology, which led to the job completion in less than four months, paving way for the aircrafts centralization in less than five years. For Caesar, Hurrah’s and Horseshoe brands, they choose other strategic importance like determining the promotion to offer, when to offer them, which customer to target etcetera. Besides, they choose to implement direct marketing by eliminated overlapping promotions and its generating profitable revenue. Despite changing the company’s marketing effort being difficult, success can be achieved through a skilful team.
Anticipate what could go wrong within a team: Big ego, little progress: The star team players should aim at achieving common goal rather than being dominated by their egos with little progress. For instance, the United States of America’s National Basket Association team succeeded in 1 992 Olympic Games due to focusing on achieving a common goal of success for America. Overshadowing the rest of the cast: The use of “A” team should not over shadow “B” players. In spite of the former having the best talents, both groups should work in unison in order to succeed.
Hence, there should be a common reward and performance evaluation system for both the “stars” and “non-stars”. Great team members, mediocre leaders: Organization should take time in picking team leaders and getting feedback from the members in regard to the leaders early enough. Team members should be given the opportunity to give a feedback of their leader. If the leader, Cannot definitely perform, the organization should change him/her- For instance, Manchester United has changed its coach at the end of last season due to him being unable foster good results for the team.
Short pitch of above information: 1 ) Star teams from star players outperform the average teams with ordinary members four times. 2) Care should be taken to prevent individual egos within a star team, lest it underperformed. 3) There are two main merits of star teams are: “Sheer firepower – the integration of world class talents increases performance and productivity. ‘Synergy” – the pooling together of best thinkers ignites creativity, innovation and new ideas 4) The best teams are managed through: Understanding where each member’s strength lies and sharing these talents.
Universal policies, rewards, and performance assessment process should be put in place for all the team players. Otherwise, demonstration is bound to crop within the team, if variations exists. It is vital to groom the internal talents, instead of outsourcing, particularly when it comes to the recruitment process. This will make the team players work hard to in order to be recognized and promoted. 4) use your best employees for big and strategically important projects. These act as the driving force for the team building. 5) What could go wrong?

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