Appearance in My Military Uniform

Wear and appearance of army uniform is critical in the military today for the shear fact that were are downsizing and the military is looking for every excuse to get rid of someone. Wear and appearance means to me is that you should be in the right uniform at times when instructed or permitted, is should be clean and serviceable and be to military standards.
The reason i am writing tho essay y is i simply got lazy towards the exercise in Graf and i decided that packing my gear and others things where more important then my appearance in my military uniform. i decided not to shave and therefore that action i was confronted by another NCO, who then asked me if i had shaven this morningrning, knowing i was in the wrong i decided not to lie that would make the situation words then it really was. From there that NCO let my NCO know the situation and that is why I’m writing this essay today. ith that out the way my choice not to shave was more so and unprofessional decision that i had made when i did not backwards plan which is a good tact to practice because it helps you learn ways to fix and issue before it happens and your left looking stupid. So that morning when i woke i decided to get changed first , then proceeded to latrine to relieve myself, then proceeded to brush my teeth, i glanced at my face and simply thought in my head ” Aw no is hanna say shit there to busy thinking about getting home”. hen i walked out of the latrine without a second thought to it. Its always the times when i think aww its cool I’m fine thats when the worst happens or something goes wrong. wear and tear and appearance of army uniform simply consist of you must be shaven at all time s when on duty or conducting a military function you are solider 24-7 you are supposed to have a serviceable uniform at all time when being worn you are to have a hair cut in according to regulation . hough some people do not follow this regulation it does not make it right for me not to. i joined the military for a reason there are rules and regulations in the military if i want to be apart of this military i have to obey these reals and regulations so b me not following these rules this show that Im not committed to the military life so if I’m not committed why am i hear. I’m hear because i want a better life for me and m family and the military was the best way to start. so if i can’t oxide by the rules and customs why should i stay. o therefore i should start living up to the military way and binding by there rules and customs. wear and appearance means to me is that you should look professional at all times. Army Regulation 670-1 covers the wear and appearance of military uniforms. Wearing the military uniform is a privilege that not everyone has earned, and it is our responsibility as soldiers to uphold this standard. In this essay I plan to cover different aspects of the regulation and why it is important to meet and maintain the standards which are set forth in the regulation.
The purpose of Army Regulation 670-1 as stated in chapter 1 paragraph 1-1 is as follows. “This regulation prescribes the authorization for wear, composition, and classification of uniforms, and the occasions for wearing all personal, clothing bag issue, optional, and commonly worn organizational Army uniforms. It also prescribes the awards, insignia, and accouterments authorized for wear on the uniform, and how these items are worn. General information is also provided on the authorized material, design, and uniform quality control system.

The book answer to the purpose of the regulation only goes so far. If you look further into the regulation it states that the United States Army is a uniformed service that is judged, in part, by the way a soldier wears their uniform. This being said, if a soldier wears their uniform in a manner which is not clean and neat in appearance, and portrays the army poorly, the members of the United States Army would be viewed in a poor and undisciplined manner.
Whereas if the members of the United States Army hold themselves to a higher standard, and maintain a neat and clean appearance, the members of the uniformed service will be viewed by the outside world as an organization which personifies what discipline is supposed to be. While we are on the subject of discipline, I think it would be good to explore it and it’s relation to the importance of Army Regulation 670-1. Discipline is one of the cornerstones of the United States Army. Discipline can set you above and beyond everyone else, and it can help you excel in everything you do.
As stated in AR 670-1 Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia. The Army is a uniformed service where discipline is judged, in part, by the manner in which a soldier wears a prescribed uniform, as well as by the individual’s personal appearance. Therefore, a neat and well-groomed appearance by all soldiers is fundamental to the Army and contributes to building the pride and esprit essential to an effective military force. A vital ingredient of the Army’s strength and military effectiveness is the pride and self-discipline that American soldiers bring to their Service through a conservative military image.
It is the responsibility of commanders to ensure that military personnel under their command present a neat and soldierly appearance. Therefore, in the absence of specific procedures or guidelines, commanders must determine a soldier’s compliance with standards in this regulation. Soldiers must take pride in their appearance at all times, in or out of uniform, on and off duty. Pride in appearance includes soldiers’ physical fitness and adherence to acceptable weight standards, in accordance with AR 600–9. ”   By this, we can see the basic fundamentals and reasons behind the uniform policies that are currently in place.
Therefore appearanc is everything in the military, perception is too if i look fucked up then people around me will assume that my NCO is fucked up then they will assume that my be your Chain Of Command is fucked up and shit does roll down hill. Look at it this way you come to work smelling like booze you’ve been up all night parting and and u just didn’t care to iron you uniform or shave, nothing in the fact of the matter, you come into to work just looking trashed people will think that you just don’t care about how you look of what people would think of you.

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