APA Paper

International Business Issues
Select a potential business product or service for inclusion or start-up to import/export for the development of a long-term relationship for your IB. As we study material in upcoming modules and develop a deeper understanding of IB and the factors that make successful businesses this IB country selection, product or service selection, and business or organizational alliance or partnership will continue to be developed.
1. Summarize your product selection and identify the political, economic, and legal systems as well as cultural or ethical considerations that would contribute to the success of your IB.
2. What problems may be associated with the introduction, operations, marketing, sales, or customer service of your IB?
3. How significant are the problems?
4. Provide two alternative country selections for your IB with advantages and disadvantages of each country selection.
5. Based on your research, provide your recommendation of the best possible country and product selection for your IB and why.
Paper Requirement:
· Summarize IB Analysis issue
· State the problem
· State significance of the problem
· Provide two (2) alternative actions with advantages and disadvantages of each alternative
· Provide your recommendation
· Minimum of two references should be used/cited in each IB Analysis paper
APA format (most current edition)
· Cover/Title
· Abstract
· References
· 2 – 3 pages of content not including cover, abstract or references
· Include headers and page numbers
· In-text citations (as appropriate)