apa formatting/2nd class men and women holding hands

Review and save the following APA Template to the Learner Toolbox you created earlier this week.  This is a great tool you can use throughout your program.  Also save the link to the APA Center.

Learner Toolbox resource:  APA TEMPLATE
APA Center:  https://www.keiseruniversity.edu/writing-studio/apa-resources/
Each week, you’ll complete an assignment or quiz to learn the basics of APA style. These assignments build on one another, where the hope is that you will implement what you learned the prior week into the next week’s assignment. This first week, the focus on is on how to set up a document consistent with APA style. Your APA manual has specifics on the margins, spacing, font/font size, and running head required.
For this assignment, review your APA manual and watch the video below on how to properly set up a document using APA style. Create a Word document using the appropriate margins, font, and spacing for a paper titled: Men and Women Holding Hands: Whose Hand is Uppermost?.
Include the following elements in your document:

Title page (including the title of paper, your name, Keiser University, instructor’s name, course, date)
Running head and page numbers (your shortened title should have no more than 50 characters, including spaces)
First page of paper: Repeat title per APA style. Write one 3-sentence paragraph to demonstrate indenting, font and spacing. The content is irrelevant (e.g., “This is the first sentence. This is the second sentence…)
An abstract is not required for this assignment nor a Reference page

Submit your assignment by clicking on the assignment title. This assignment is due by Sunday.
Note: If you have trouble viewing the video, click here to go directly to YouTube.

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