Anticipatory Socialization

Graduating high school students usually get very excited when they finally realize that they are going to college soon. Anticipatory socialization can take place in this kind of situation, since anticipatory socialization is a process or condition wherein an individual prepares to accept new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors in a certain place or event. Looking back, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of excitement and anticipation when I realized that I was about to leave high school and get a taste of college life.

I tried to visualize the campus, my future professors, classmates, and other things that I would be seeing in college. Choosing a college was quite difficult, so I did a lot of research in the internet and asked several friends about their opinions on which university is the best to study and get my degree. When I was able to choose a school, I gathered information through the internet about the campus, the different courses that the school offers, and the requirements for applicant students.

I took time to look at the college’s website and see all the information that will be helpful, such as the location of the school, facilities, curriculum, and all the information or details that can be seen in the college website. I took the opportunity to visit the school so that I would be able to see it for myself and make an impression whether I was going to like it there or not. I asked different people that I know about the school and the culture inside. It was fun getting varied information and feedback from them.
I even learned about the style of clothes that most people wear to that school, so I made a mental note of shopping for clothes before I start going to that college. I was able to set my expectations already in college, and it made me feel ready to accept everything, whether it was a positive or negative thing. It was also because of my expectations that I felt excited instead of nervous about joining a new environment and starting a new chapter of my life. Thus, anticipatory socialization greatly helps individuals in adapting, making necessary adjustments, and evaluating whether or not a certain thing suits him or her.

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