Anthropology and our thoughts in society

Anthropology and our thoughts. Choose one or more of these topics. Think about how your post can be written in 3 parts (syllabus pg 4) – present something of interest or value to your classmates on one or more of these topics, explain why you think the way that you do, utilizing resources such as internet sites, video clips, materials from text, etc (making sure to cite your references and using quotation marks if direct quotes), then pose questions about what you wish you knew more about this topic, or pose questions to stimulate your classmates to respond! As your classmates respond to your post, you are not responsible for acknowledging every single post, but I will look to see that you have monitored your post and responded to at least 2-3 classmates, or engaged in a substantial conversation with at least one classmate (back and forth conversation). You are also free to respond to any of your fellow leads’ posts!

To those RESPONDING to the lead posts, work on making some substantial commentary. Substantial commentary goes beyond you saying whether you like or dislike the post, or that it is important information or not. If you have personal experience with the topic and do not mind sharing, that can be valuable for your classmates’ understanding, also. It is also a good idea to respond to more than one classmate’s post.

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