ANT assignment

The final assignment is to choose one theme of interest discussed in class,economic, politics. You will find two academic sources on this topic and summarize/critique them in connection with the course material discussed so far. You will then interview someone from Latin America (or anyone who has spent sufficient time in the region) to see how your topic connects with their real-world experiences. The final part consists of a personal reflection on the course overall and how it has enhanced your sense of diversity/social justice with respect to future career goals. This paper should be 6-8 pagestotal and is worth 100 points.
First, you will focus on one theme of interest (such as race, economics, gender/sexuality, religion, immigration, tourism, etc.), explain why you chose that theme, and look up two pertinent academicarticles that connect with it in some way. The articles need to be from peer-reviewed journals (NOT Wikipedia or from a website) and be at least five pages in length. If you are in doubt, I am happy to verify your source before or after class. You will briefly summarize/critique each article and explain how they connect with the course material that we have previously gone over in class. In what ways do the articles overlap with each other and enhance the course discussions/videos? Do they support or contradict them? Are they coming from a new perspective? If so, explain…Moreover, are the articles well-written, organized, full of supportive evidence, and easy to understand? If so, explain…If not, why? The purpose of this section is to enhance your knowledge of finding/analyzing scholarly sources, as expected for an upper-level CAP course. This portion should be about 3-4 pages. 
Next, you will come up with four-five interview questions in connection with your theme and ask them to someone from Latin America (or who has spent time in the region). The purpose of this section is to engage with someone who has personal experience in the area and hear his or her perspectives of the same theme. Do their answers correlate in some way with the course material and/or articles above? Did they provide different insight of the topic than the articles? If so, how? If not, explain…Did anything surprise you from their answers? This portion should be 1 ½ -2 pages. 
You will use the last part of the paper to reflect on what you learned from this assignment and the overall course. In what way(s) has your perspective of Latin America changed since the beginning of the semester? What was your favorite topic to discuss? How can you apply this course to your major and/or career goals? Did it enhance your awareness of diversity and social justice? If so, how? Do you plan to visit Latin America in the near future? If so, where and why? Specific details are good! This part should be about 1-1 ½  pages in length. 
On a separate page, you will include a full citation of your two articles. This part should be single-spacedand should include: The author(s), date, title of article, title of journal, volume/edition, and page ranges. I’m happy to clarify each component of your article if you show it to me in person beforehand. A hypothetical example is as follows:
2017. Litka, S. “The Maya of Mexico.” Journal of Latin American  Studies 5(9): 23-45.
*Guidelines to remember: Your paper should be a minimum of 6 fullpages total (8 pages maximum) NOT including the article citation page, 12-pt. Times New Roman font, narrative format (can include subtitles), one- inch margins, double-spaced, no excessively short or long paragraphs, black ink, stapled, page numbers, and no more than one short direct quote from the articles. This is due in hardcopy format BY Wednesday, April 265hin class—I will not accept late papers! You can always turn it in ahead of time and I am happy to look at drafts during office hours if needed. Good luck!