Answer 5 questions about “The Case of North Korea” by reading the case.(International Relations)

Read: “The case of North Korea” U.S. Naval War college. (Attached below)

This case discusses the history of US/North Korean relations with an emphasis on the Clinton/Bush (#2) era.  It highlights the difficulties of “doing business” with North Korea.

  As you read the case, take notes to help you understand the chronology of events, key actors, decisions and so on.  

 Then answer the following questions.  


In a couple of paragraphs, briefly describe what the case is about (who, what, where, when).
What has been the approach (diplomacy, use of forces, sanctions etc) of both the Clinton and Bush administrations toward North Korea and the problem of nuclear weapons? 
Given the differences between those two administrations in party, personality, strategies etc…why do you think each has wound up with essentially the same strategy?
How does our lack of knowledge or uncertainty regarding the North Korean regime affect our policy toward North Korea?
Was Kim Jong-Il rational?  Why or why not?  If so, what does he value?  (Alternatively, if so, then what sources of influence does that give the United States?)

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