Annual Performance Evaluation

Annual Report Formats

Go to and review the annual reports recently released by two corporations in the same industry. Review each report and discuss the following questions:
a. What organizational differences, if any, do you see in the way each corporation discusses its annual performance? Is the data presented clearly so that shareholders can draw conclusions about how well the company performed?
b. What goals, challenges, and plans do top managers emphasize in their discussion of results?
c. How does the format and organization of each report enhance or detract from the information being presented?
Write a two- to three-page report (excluding the title and reference pages), formatted according to APA style, that discusses your findings from the annual reports. Make sure you appropriately cite your sources from

There are three important points to make.
• Discuss Any Organizational Differences in the Way Each Corporation Discusses its Annual Performance – This part of the assignment requires that you focus on the delivery of reporting the companies’ performance (the way each corporation discusses its annual performance) and not on the actual performance of the corporations. Please see attached Chapter 4.5, for example. You can also read attached Chapter 14.
• Discuss the Goals, Challenges, and Plans Top Managers Emphasize in Discussion of Results – This is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding on adapting to your audience and this week’s course reading and attached Chapter 14.
• Discuss How the Format and Organization of Each Report Enhances or Detracts from the Information Presented –  Chapter 4.5; use of visual design to support and enhance the message. You can also read attached Chapter 14. 
FINALLY, use APA style of writing:
• Use double space, 1” margins on all sides, font size 12
• Use at least first level heading to separate the main points of your paper, which will help you write clearly and concisely and not stray off topic. Use bold and centering for first-level headings. Capitalize all major words. Do not use the prompt as a heading, shorten it, use different words, etc.
• The word conclusion is always used.
• Avoid the use of the first person (the pronouns I, we) and second person (the pronoun you). Avoid saying, “I think” or “I feel” or “in my opinion.” It weakens your argument. Simply state your assertion.

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