Annotated Bibliography use in research papers

Annotated Bibliography use in research papers. What makes a source of information “credible”, and how can you identify relevant
literature through the widely used scientific databases? How do you access that
information using the MC library and how do you use that information to inform the
formulation of a hypothesis?

What constitutes a good annotation?

The main idea of the article as it relates to your topic
How the authors came to any conclusions related to your topic
The article’s thesis, conclusions, and/or recommendations as related to your

Identify, for the reader, how the article is relevant to your
research/hypothesis/proposal.THE EVALUATION-make a statement about the type of source (e.g., a scholarly
research article, an editorial from a professional magazine, a feature newspaper
article, a chapter from a popular book, a U.S. government website of the author to
write about the topic, quality of the source, objectivity, etc.

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