Annotated Bibliography

 Read the instructions for the final paper to determine the kinds of  articles you will need to use as references. Also read the Example  Research Proposal provided in the course materials to help you visualize  your final paper. Search the Ashford University Library’s databases and  the Research Methods research guide to find appropriate peer-reviewed  sources for your proposal. Read the selected articles and reread  relevant sections of the textbook and the full text of the study you  have been working with throughout the course. Using the Sample Annotated  Bibliography information and example from the Writing Center as a  guide, create an annotated bibliography of the sources you will use in  your final research proposal.
The references in the annotated bibliography must be listed in  alphabetical order, formatted in APA style, and published within the  past 10 years. All selected sources other than the textbook must be  available in full text in the Ashford University Library. After each  reference, insert two paragraphs. The first paragraph should summarize  the main points of the source, in your own words. Do not use any  quotations or verbatim wording from the source for this assignment. In  the second paragraph, explain how you will use the source to support  your research proposal.
For this assignment, a title page in APA format is required but it is  not necessary to include a separate reference page, because the paper  itself is the reference page with additional information inserted. If  you do include a separate page of references, be aware that it will not  be counted towards the required page count. Your paper must be a minimum  of four pages (excluding title page) and formatted according to APA  style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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