Anglo Saxon Culture in Beowulf

The Anglo Saxon culture has existed for many years and has been revealed in literature such as Beowulf and cultures today. Beowulf remains to be the perfect example of an Anglo Saxon hero. His understanding of respect for elders and family hierarchy played a vital role in society. These beliefs not only serve as the foundation for literary heroes but for my family too. An interesting aspect that was revealed in Beowulf was respect for elders.
Throughout the poem, Beowulf showed respect to Hrothgar and to his king, Higlac by putting his life on the line fighting for a cause bigger than himself. As a result, he received many treasures for his heroic deeds and gave them to Higlac as a sign of respect. In my family, respecting your elders is something we all must do. For instance, whenever a family member enters the house, that person must greet the everyone there. If they don’t, then they’re confronted immediately about it and reminded to not let that happen again.
It’s unacceptable to just walk without greeting everyone. Another fascinating aspect that was portrayed in Beowulf was the hierarchy of the families. The king had authority over his family and his country. He made all of the decisions and no one dared to go against him. However, when the king died, the next oldest son in line took his place. In my family, my uncle has always been the “man of the house”. He was the protector and provider for the family making sure everybody was content and safe.

When my uncle passed away, his oldest son (cousin) took his place. However, this rule of authority no longer exists in my immediate family. Both of my parents provide and share responsibility equally which eases the burden. It’s evident that Anglo Saxon culture still serves as the foundation for my family culture and learning about it through Beowulf has caused me to realize how important it is. It’s incredible how far Anglo Saxon culture has survived and its influence on culture. dominant role in society. They were seen as the centra

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