Anatomy & Physiology II

Research Paper Assignment –
Format Instructions: 

 Length – 3- 4 pages – (not including a References and Cover Page) 
Double-spaced, size 11 or 12 font, margins 1” left, right, upper and lower. 
Use the APA format for references, there are instructions in the College Library for your information. 
Cite all borrowed language in quotations (not more than 10% of your paper)
Research must include 6 different sources – not more than 3 internet sources 
Bibliography / Reference Page should be in “end note” format 
NO Abstract, table of contents, running head required for this paper 

Write a critical analysis of the Chronic Bronchitis, a type of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
 Make sure you cover lung function tests and how it will be affected in a person with COPD 
Included in this analysis, you will need to explain how the disease you chose
affects the various body systems where relevant. 

The following relevant and concise information must (if pertinent) be included in your write up.
1. Name of disease
2. History of the disease
3. Description of disease
Anatomy of the system(s) involved
1. Effects on other body systems
2. Cause of disease
3. Signs and symptoms
4. Diagnosis of the disease
5. Complications, if any
6. Treatment and side effects
Conclusion should include the following:
1. Brief mention of current or proposed research that may significantly impact Malaria.
2. Prevention strategies if any
3. Your insight / opinion.
NOTE: you must focus on the anatomy & physiology of the disease/disorder. Cover the normal anatomy & physiology of the organ system affected and then state what the disease/disorder does to this organ system, and other organ systems. In other words, if you are writing about Tuberculosis, I do not want you to go too much in detail about the bacteria that causes it but how the bacteria escapes our body’s defenses and what the bacteria does to the lungs, bones, etc. 

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