Anatomy and physiology of human health

Anatomy and physiology of human health

For this assignment, students will select a topic of their choice focusing on the anatomy and physiology of human health. Students will research that topic for its connection to human health. Students to choose topic that is relevant to course content and outcomes. Students must get approval for their chosen topic from the instructor.
Required Formats
Narrated PowerPoint

Other Requirements
Students must incorporate at least 2 scholarly resources in addition to textbook or lessons

Suggested Topics
Pick any health supplements (for example, multi-vitamin multi-mineral) or other supplements and describe their effects on the human body and health.
Describe how radio-isotopes are used for diagnosis or therapy.
Pick any organelle and research on disorders/diseases that occur when that organelle malfunctions.
Describe a disease or a disorder that occurs due to non-disjunction.
Describe health conditions that affect metabolism.
Describe how histology can be used as a diagnostic tool.
Describe effects of radiation on skin health.
Anatomical deformities/disorders of skeletal system/joints.
Physiological disorders of the skeletal system.

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