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Analyze the Descriptive Essay Essay

Analyze the Descriptive Essay Essay.
Kylie Harrison English 1104-34 October 8, 2012 Descriptive Essay It was a hot muggy afternoon during the early season of fall. The wind was strong that day, the force blowing against my hair causing it to rise and fall as the wind came and left without warning. I could feel the sun beating down upon my back, causing my body to fight against the heat to stay cool. The constant sound of voices ring in my ears and throb my forehead. I was at the picnic table outside the bridge of Bryant place, and it was the most busy and uncomfortable place on campus at that time.
Many people would think being outside in West Virginia would be peaceful and relaxing; however, this is a loud, busy college campus. The repeating sound of my peers talking, yelling, or singing is distracting from my focus. As I glance around this uncomfortable, rough seated picnic table, the soft song of a violin rings through my ears and into my heart. Little did I notice before, a shoulder length, blonde hair young girl was showing off her inspirational talent on her new violin.
The notes of the song flew through the air as a dandelion in the summer. Ambulance sirens screeched through my ears suddenly. The pain I experience when I hear ambulances is breathtaking. The fact a child, a mother, a husband or someone’s sister could be in trouble lingers in my head as the sirens rush through town. Noises can motivate your brain to think back to the good or bad memories of your past times. As many states, West Virginia citizens smoke cigarettes. I sit on this wood splinter table and the smell of cigarettes inhales through my nose.

Noticing most college students smoke the tobacco filled cigarette, I usually leave the table when I feel the turn in my stomach and the headache rushes through my skull. A worker from Aladdin’s at the Falcon Center carefully stepped down the steep high steps. She held a foil covered dish plate. The smell of pizza blocked the smell of cigarettes for one moment. The smell of pizza made my stomach girgle and my brain to crave it. Smells of a college campus is different than sitting in a hammock on a hot summer day in the woods!
The picnic table outside Bryant Place is one of the busiest and uncomfortable places on campus at times. The muggy heat sticking to me as my hands get clammy. The talking of my classmates scream through my ears. The wind blows my hair as the sun shines on it. West Virginia is a peaceful place in most parts of the Mountain State; however, college campus isn’t the place to read a good book or rest your eyes in the calming fall afternoon as leaves fall from the trees.

Analyze the Descriptive Essay Essay

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