Analyze peer-reviewed research articles

Deadline is 24 hours
5 pages full length without extra line spacing and no short paragraphs. Approx 1400-1500 words. 2.5 page each article.

Read the following articles and then answer the questions at the end of description. No outside sources

Park, S. K., Kim, J. Y., & Cho, C. B. (2008). Prevalence of  internet addiction and correlations with family factors among South  Korean adolescents. Adolescence, 43(172), 895-909.

Shek, Daniel T L, PhD, FHKPS,B.B.S.,  J.P., & Leung, H. (2013). Development of an integrated intervention  model for internet addiction in hong kong. International Journal of Child and Adolescent Health, 6(4), 475-486.  
1. What were the results? How do the results affect your understanding of this issue?

2. As a future healthcare professional, what did you learn about family  influence from this article? How can you improve your skills as a  healthcare professional by understanding this information? (I am a family counselor)

3. How does the information presented in this study align with the  research on family communication and influence presented in the text?

4. Apply the Satir communication stances to describe the process of family influence as discussed in this article. 

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