Analysis Paper
Your analysis will analyze how the text persuades its audience. When we examine a text’s rhetoric, we take on the role of detective – working backwards from the text’s main argument or claim (and what it asks us to believe, think, or feel) we deduce the methods by which the writer has so artfully persuaded us. The three major types of rhetorical appeal are appeals to the writer’s credibility (ethos), appeals to the emotions of the audience (pathos) and appeals to the audience’s sense of logic/reason (logos).


For this assignment, you will write a 3-5 page paper (not including Works Cited page) in which you rhetorically analyze an opinion text (advertising or political or social commentary). You’ll write about how the text is acting as an argument, how effective that argument is in persuading the target audience (or society at large), and why it’s effective.

In addition to being well written and organized, the most successful responses to this assignment will do the following (these are not listed in order):

Describe the rhetorical situation (purpose and original target audience) surrounding the text under analysis and accurately summarize the argument presented in the text.
Include a clear and precise thesis statement (an analytical claim with reasons about how the text works)
Explain and analyze how the author builds and presents his/her argument.
Explain and analyze how the author connects with (or fails to connect with) the audience.
Demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of how the artistic proofs are working in the text.


Your audience for this assignment is your classmates and me.

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