Analysis of Leadership Definitions and Biographical Leadership

Analysis of Leadership Definitions and Biographical Leadership. Begin the Week 1 Critical Thinking Assignment by composing your personal biographic leadership explanation. You may use Western’s format or another that is supported by the literature or that fits your career purpose (in this case as a manager at an IT company).
Place the biographical leadership explanation in Appendix A of the paper.
Part II:
Create an historical overview of selected leadership definitions by constructing a time-line figure illustrating how leadership definitions varied over time. The time-line will span three decades and include a minimum of three (3) definitions from different sources that are then positioned across the time-line.
Place the time-line and definition overview in Appendix B of the paper.
Part III:
Develop an analytic essay* exploring how your leadership explanation was informed by time and by different leadership definitions. That is, decompose and extract elements from your biographical explanation and determine if and where the elements might be related to the time-line and definitions.
Within the analytic paper, reference Appendices A and B.
Include a conclusion based on findings and insights related to what influenced your personal leadership assumptions and experiences.
• Support your response with research from at least four scholarly sources and, in addition, you may use the required course readings.
• Your paper should be three to four pages in length, not counting the required title and reference pages and appendices.

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