An addiction and psychedelics case study

An addiction and psychedelics case study

Identify a specific context for your case study. It needs to be an area of professional practice or a setting with which you are already familiar.
Identify a problem, challenge, or opportunity within this context. Research the problem / challenge / opportunity.
Engage in a meditative / reflective / creative exercise of your choosing, enabling an imaginative response to the case scenario and envisioning the application of a transpersonal practice in this context.

Introduction, depicting the specific case scenario (setting & key actors) and outlining the perceived problem, challenge, or opportunity.
Brief description of the meditative / reflective / creative exercise you engaged in.
Depiction of your imagined response, outlining a plan for a transpersonal intervention in this case scenario.
Critical reflection on the practical implications and ethics of the transpersonal intervention in this context, considering the potential benefits and risks to the stakeholders involved.

What does it mean to bring the sacred into the areas of practice that you have been exploring in your options?
Based on your learning in your chosen option topics, what are the most relevant ethical questions and concerns of applying transpersonal approaches in practice?
How do we define collective transformation and how do we measure and evaluate it in projects and initiatives aiming to achieve systemic / social change?
Explore the extent to which the optional topics you have studied can potentially increase individuals’ wellbeing and/or facilitate individuals contributing to the wider society and the world at large.
What are the values and risks of accessing altered states of consciousness in therapy, coaching or other forms of self-enhancement and growth?
Whichever specific question you select, please bear in mind that you should draw on both of the options you have studied. Those assessing your work will want to see a balanced treatment that draws on both option topics. Your essay should draw on relevant research and scholarship and build an argument which reflects a balanced treatment of both options and the overarching module resources you studied.

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