Among the hidden–Reader’s report

Bolometer The book I read is Among the hidden Which is wrote by Margaret Peterson Haddam. This book was published by Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing in 1998. It is a science-fiction book Which has about 150 pages. My first impression of this book is that it is a sad story because the cover page is made up by cool tone. The story happens in the future which starts with Lake’s birthday in Lake’s home.
With a new housing development replacing the woods next to his family farm, he is no longer allowed to go outside. There is a law about each family can only have tow children. Luke has lived his entire life in hiding because he is a shadow child, a third child forbidden by the population police. Luke admires his brothers so much because they can go to school and play with friends out side. This setting makes me feeling mysterious and depressive. Until one day, he find out there is an other shadow child in his neighbor’s family.
She is Jean, the creator of a chat room for shadow children chatting with each other. They become friends soon after they meet. Jean organizes a rally Which hundreds of shadow children are going to protest the government’s population law, but Luck does not participate in the rally that day because of fear. After the rally day, Luck can not contact with Jean for a week. He is so anxious that he breaks in Jean’s house. He meets Jean’s dad in the house who tells him a appealing news Jean and other shadow children were killed by population police.

Then, Jean’s dad helps Luck escaping from population police’ chase. Finally, they achieve to make a fake I. D for Luck. On this story, the main conflict is person versus society. All the shadow children are illegal, but they never stop the struggle for freedom. The two main character for the story are Luck and Jean. Luck is a small-bone and soft looking boy. Firstly, I think he is an obedient boy. He never disobey his parents’ order about hiding. He does not ask much about why he have to hid even he is very unwilling to do that.
Secondly, he is a person of perseverance. He observe his neighbors every day. So he can know each of his neighbors. And that’s why he can find out Jean when he saw the light in her home after all her relatives are going out. Jean is the most impressive person I have read in this story. She is slim and has a short hair. She is so courageous that she organizes the rally at the risk of her life. And she is really decent that she wants all the shadow children have the same right with the normal people. She is dead because of trying to protest the totalitarian government.
In my opinion, the reason author write this book is to tell the children how blessedness they are now. Comparing with these shadow children who are not accepted by the society, we are really lucky. This book make me occurring to China. China is a country have that population law, but not as serious as the book describes. The family who have more children in China have to pay a fine. That tells us each thing has its limit. If the overspent is so strict at population law, it will be a tragedy for someone.
If the government do this reasonable, it will be a good thing to everyone. The major strength for reader to read this book is that the poll is very suspenseful Which you will never know what are going to happen. The weakness is that it is a sad story. Jean is dead at the end, it does not make reader feeling happy. I will recommend this book to my friends because it can tell them to treasure their life. I think if a person feels lonely and reactive by society, he can resonate with the children in the book and he will like this book.

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