American Indian Religion and Philosophy

American Indian Religion and Philosophy. Critique and Analyze the material, then Support your position. Introduction (1 page)
Is there one religious view/practice that all American Indian groups adhere to? 
What did you already know about American Indian religion and philosophy?
What did you expect or hope to learn?

– Time (1-2 pages)
How does history play a significant role in what takes place within an American Indian religion/philosophy? Consider federal law, role of the military, western religions.
Give examples of American Indian religious practices that reflect a specific time period.

– Space (1-2 pages)
Give examples of how geography is significant in religious practices?
There are examples of how a Native view of the land might differ from other people. Describe this conflict and how it is initiated or how it perpetuates. (Refer to the film: In the Light of Reverence)
Describe or interpret how the origin stories (those in iLearn) might give us information about the people and their environment.

American Indian Religion and Philosophy

– People (2-3 pages)
Describe how people are involved in their ceremony (either as an individual, or as a group; you can describe a specific ceremony, the preparation of the ceremony, or how it is conducted). 
What do you consider to be the purpose or expected outcome of their ceremonies? You can choose a general theme or a case-by-case study.

– Conclusion (1 page)
What do you now understand about American Indian religion and philosophy?
Compare your knowledge of American Indian religion and philosophy to another major religious practice and/or philosophy.

NOTE: Use terms from the Glossary, found in iLearn.

I’m not so interested in how many pages you write; I’m interested in what you have to say. You choose in which format you wish to write (APA, MLA, Chicago). I’ll be grading on academic and intelligent thought and more so your understanding in your writing. You can question what you’ve been exposed to in this course, but make it critical and not opinionated.

You do not have to answer the questions I posted as the specific requirement; as mentioned above, I want to know what you understand (I do not want you to feel forced to discuss something that you did not understand). 

Write with critical thought, clarity, confidence, critique, (please do not write how something is “interesting” or offer a lot of opinion). Synthesis information from other knowledges if possible (other religions, spiritual practices, philosophies, etc). The course is American Indian so the core of the paper needs to be on American Indian practices and perspectives.

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