American History Essay ( only use courses that I provide and do not use other courses)

In describing the impact of the Great Depression and the New  Deal on American society, historian Lizabeth Cohen writes, “Living as we  do today in a world so permeated by the federal government, it is easy  to lose sight of how much people’s lives were changed by the expansion  of federal responsibility during the 1930s.” How did the federal  government’s role change in the 1930s?  What, do you think, brought  these changes about?

1. 3-4 pages
2. Double spaced, 12-point font
3. Standard margins—Approximately 1.25 on left and right margins and 1 on top and bottom
4. In crafting your essay, you will want to construct a clear thesis and draw on evidence from the sources described below.
6.    Use these sources below. Do not use outside sources.

1.  Interview: David Kennedy on the 1932 Presidential Campaign

2. Audio Clip: FDR’s Fireside Chat on Banking

3.  Audio Clip: FDR’s 1936 Madison Square Garden Speech

4.  Reading: Eric Foner, “Second New Deal” and “A Reckoning With Liberty” and “The Limits of Change”  (ONLY pages 835-851)

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