American Culture

American Culture

American Culture.
Every person has his/her own way of surviving life. We have our own beliefs that keep us alive. We have a set of rules that are set by the perspectives we kept even when we are still young. With this, we have ideas that differ from others. Religion is a part of our being that can define the person that we are in a lot of circumstances before our religions have its own set of moral and ethical values. Christianity for example is a widespread religion that was also used to conquer a number of countries around the world.

However, Christianity has this certain belief about the life after someone’s death. This is patterned with the life of Jesus Christ who serves to be the Savior of the World from God’s punishments for being sinners. Religion has developed as time passed by having a number of trials and oppressors. In America, religion has also changed the way leaders and its people look into life. An example is that, people who believe in their religion depend on it at times of cruelties. They face difficult times in different ways such that there are those who call for Buddha and for God.

Moreover, American life changed in having slaves by which, they have abolished the notion of having slaves that would cater their needs like some household chores and farm works. Reports show that slavery in America can be seen widely among its places especially in the northernmost colonies. Since for Christianity, the Bible say that the story of men also has some slaves, punished people, it is allowable that 40% of the families there own a slave. But Mennonites in the year 1688 tried to raise that slavery must be opposed and from that time, there had been arguments of removing this set – up.
Even if there were “good slaveries”, they argued that being a slave itself is very degrading. It may lower the self – esteem of a person and might give them a perspective that their life are a little worthless than their bosses. Revolution was done to end this cruel set – up. There are also movements against the Christians who pursued doing bad things with other people with lower status than they have. It was with the revolts of these oppressed that they realized that the worth of other people be treated with significance.
American until now might be enslaved by the thought of being superior if there are no other forces who tried to oppose them and make their spirits be awakened. In the sermons of Jonathan Edwards, he stated that God was with him the time he was all alone. For that matter, I think that with this very strong belief, Americans are able to be living with the likeness of spreading goodness especially when they are being sinners themselves for a long time. Religion has become the moving force of America that draws them close to civilization and developments.
Moreover, it can move them to a life that is more productive and meaningful. Religion caused a lot of change in America that should be well taken in the minds of its students as Educations has also been the priority of the government. Immigrants American has been termed to become the salad bowl by which many people from other countries settle. With that, there are many cultures that are being inside it for a long time. There is an argument though that American is not a salad bowl but a melting pot of people. Salad bowl is a set up by which all its ingredients are mixed together but not altering its shape and composition.
This is what we call in science a heterogeneous mixture that apparently still has the characteristics of it components detectible. On the other hand, melting pot defines a homogeneous mixture that makes its constituents one. For instance, America being a melting pot described that the culture of the people who migrated there might have forgotten their own culture and had been accustomed with living like the true Americans. But can there be real Americans given that there are already many circumstances that they have been mixed with other cultures years ago?
Generally speaking, the immigration of people will more likely be causing the American a confusion of culture that will show that there is no specific culture in the country. Moreover, the risk of having immigrants will take them to a situation that will really reduce their privileges of expressing their own as they may want to have a good relationship with others. It may be noted though that the effects of the immigrant vary from time to time. When America has not yet settled its forces that will protect it from oppressors, it is very open with the people and countries that have bad and greedy motives over the country.
It is only during the last 2 centuries that America has established a force that will prohibit other country to terrorize them and eventually, conquer it again. Luckily, America as of the moment stands tall with the ideology of being superior among the others. It was on the survey that there is only a very few percentage of Native Americans in the State today. Approximately 1% of them are those with the pure blood of Americans. There were very little accounts that clearly state the original occupants of America.
In what I have heard for a long time, America has been occupied by the red Indians which were also told to become the true native occupants of America. It was only when some White Americans tried to colonize the Indians that they were put on a situation not to oppose but to leave. Having a lot of settlers in America is both good and bad for some reasons. Good because the country is giving a number of opportunities to other people regarding careers and jobs. On the other hand, it is somehow a negative thing since immigration might be opening the country again to an occurrence of colonization.
It may open the avenues of the terrorist to populate the country and soon become conquered by other nations. References Thomas Paine. (1776). The Crisis. Retrieved 19 May 2008 from http://www. ushistory. org/paine/crisis/c-01. htm John Edwards. (2008). Personnal Narrative. Retrieved 19 May 2008 from http://www. apuritansmind. com/JonathanEdwards/JonathanEdwards-Biographical- EdwardsPersonalNarrative. htm J. Hector St. John Crevecoeur. Letters from an American Farme. Retrieved 19 May 2008 from http://xroads. virginia. edu/~hyper/CREV/letter03. html

American Culture

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