Amelia Earhart, Anne Frank or Marcus Garvey

Amelia Earhart, Anne Frank or Marcus Garvey. Your job is to create a booklet covering some of
the major highlights in the life of your subject. The model for
your project is the Dillinger booklet for this course. Each
page should have at least one photo inserted to illustrate the
main topic of that page. If you have 15 topics you will have
at least 15 pages and 15 pictures, and an average of 130
words a page. It is said that a picture is worth a 1000 words,
but if you have 15 images, you can get by with far fewer.
Sources: Your project isn’t for publication, so you can select
from a wide range of images online, knowing that they will
not be reproduced for a public audience requiring copyright
permission. Cite references in MLA style or any other style
to indicate the source of your information if it isn’t obvious
from an image inserted on the page. Quote sparingly, and use
summary and paraphrase to create your ongoing commentary

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