Alternative criminal justice policies

Alternative criminal justice policies


Crime Prevention


Alternative criminal justice policies. Alternative criminal justice policies for preventing or reducing crime. One of your main learning objectives for this course is to;

The purpose of the paper is for you to think carefully about a theory of crime and how that theory might be applied to improve social conditions.

(e.g., reduce crime, improve rehabilitation programs, reduce recidivism, make society more just).


This assignment is a great opportunity for you to read, learn, and write about an interesting criminal justice topic and explore the real application of criminological theories to the criminal justice system. After successfully completing this assignment, you should be able to:


  • Explain criminological theories and research (including the causes and effects of crime), concisely and soundly;
  • Apply criminological theories and research to real-world examples of CJ issues and events; and
  • Evaluate the utility of criminological theories and research for understanding real-world examples of CJ issues and events.

To successfully complete this first part of the assignment, use the foundational knowledge from this class and textbook to inform your writing and complete the following:


Find a recent news article (no more than 5 years old) that discusses an issue of criminal justice policy. Each student must write a brief (1-2 paragraph) description of the policy issue, suggest a theoretical perspective that could be used to understand that policy issue, and include the hyperlink to the news story.


The New York Times, Time, and Newsweek and/or reputable online news sources such as CNN, ABC news, NBC news, CBS news, fox news are all excellent sources for appropriate news articles.

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