Altered States of Consciousness and Culture

Altered States of Consciousness and Culture. For this paper respond to and address each and all the following questions/statements below: As stated in the syllabus and Obojobo modules on Avoiding Plagiarism, responses which do not contain BOTH APA Style in-text citation and references, for all sources, will be flagged for plagiarism and receive a zero.

Watch the classic movie “The Exorcist” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (available for free and streaming-do not download; stream only film by clicking the linked text here; This site is a high volume ad site due to the free content. Do not download or enter financial information). (Please note: there are other free options of the movie available streaming online;

Altered States of Consciousness

After watching the movie, you must read Chapter 4 and discuss all of the following:

Chapter 4 discusses different types of altered states of consciousness (ASC):
a) clearly define ASC, (this is the general definition discussed in the text)

b) discuss whether you have experienced any of the specific types of ASCs discussed in the chapter. If so, which kind? Clearly define the type of ASC which you have experienced.

c)If not, which ASC would you like to experience? Why? Again, clearly define your specific terms.

2.In your opinion, which ASC appears to be most psychologically useful? Why?

3. In the movie The Exorcist, what kind of altered states of consciousness can we recognize in the main character of the movie? Be specific. Clearly define, discuss and explain.

4. Briefly discuss how the state(s) of consciousness developed in the character from the movie.

a) For this portion, make sure to clearly link definitions and discussion to ideas/concepts discussed in the text. Provide examples and descriptions from the movie, where appropriate, to support your response.

b) Your explanation and discussion here is not a summary of the movie. Focus on and explain how the ASC(s) developed in the character.

5. Briefly summarize the diagnoses given to the girl by various doctors. Based upon the character’s symptoms which of these diagnoses seems to fit best? Why?

6. What other cultures were mentioned or can be seen in the movie? If the character had been a member of a non-Western culture how do you think her family, friends, and others exposed to her would have reacted? Would this reaction be the same or different? If different, how so?

7.There is a tradition found in many tribes around the world, such as in the Mission Indians in California, to assign special duties of communicating with the spirit world to a medicine man (Caprio, 1943). In the movie, who was given the duty to negotiate and eventually expel the spirit from the girl’s body? Describe what was specifically done?

8. Briefly provide an opinion of why the theme of possession is still popular in media.

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