Aligning Talent Development with Business Operations

Aligning Talent Development with Business Operations. Our research shows that successful organizations take a critical few steps to build a robust and strategic leadership pipeline: 1. Align to Strategy, Values, and Business Goals. These organizations hardwire their leadership strategy and pipeline to the company’s strategic priorities. The system focuses all levels of leaders on: • Understanding strategic and organizational priorities • Creating a clear line of sight from strategy to leaders’ work • Building the critical skills that will enable them to achieve organizational goals 2. Integrate the Development Architecture. A key feature is to differentiate the requirements for leaders at different levels and to provide development over the course of their careers, linking structured learning and development activities with talent management processes like succession planning, job assignments, and performance management. The most successful organizations ensure leadership excellence across all functions, geographies, and levels by balancing attention to high potentials with reliable processes to develop all leaders.

Aligning Talent Development with Business Operations

A core theme in our readings this week is the importance of a close relationship between HR and the operation of the business. In The Talent Masters, Conaty and Charan illustrate this with the example how GE dealt with the unexpected resignation of a senior executive. In Powerful, McCord emphasizes that every single employee has to understand the business.
• Does your organization have any practices similar to “C Sessions” to support succession planning and strategy execution? If so, explain how these are implemented and what is and is not working well. If not, what value would such sessions add?
• How can companies with talent development practices that are significantly different from the C-Session model ensure strong alignment between the HR function and the Mission, Values, and Strategy of the business?


Conaty, B.l & Charan, R. (2010). Talent Masters: Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers. Crown Publishing Group. ISBN 978-0-307-46026-4*

McCord, P. (2017). Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility. Silicon Guild. ISBN 978-1-939714-09-01

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