“Alienation from Self ” Concept Essay in Fahrenheit 451

 Since concepts are closely related to each other, there will be some examples that work to illustrate multiple concepts. Alienation, for instance, includes a feeling of emptiness, so there is overlap between the concept of alienation and the concept of emptiness. One of the challenges of this essay is thinking carefully about concepts in order to make distinctions between them.
There is no rule about how many examples you need to use in this essay. In general, the more examples you have, the better, but remember that you need to carefully explain how each example works to illustrate the concept, so in most cases it is best to have only one example per body paragraph.
The examples should mostly come from Bradbury. Examples of the concept from your own life or your friend’s life or from popular culture should appear only in the introduction or conclusion.
Remember that this paper is meant to explain a concept, not express an opinion. If you have an opinion about the concept you are writing about, you may include it in the concluding paragraph.

Attached are the outline for this essay, and please follow the instruction on the outline. The picture is the concepts you can write in the essay if you want to change other concept to write about, please do so.  

words 1250-1500

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