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The internet can be a powerful ally when you are trying to figure out how to solve a problem. The Handy Helpers link takes you to a page with links to videos, math sites, PowerPoints, cheat sheets and other materials that explain the topics covered in the lessons.
Pick one of the Handy Helpers from Weeks 1 or 2 that no one has reported on, click on Start a New Conversation, and make the subject the name of the link (for example: YouTube PatrickJMT: Finding the Slope of a Line). Then give us a review of the “helper” in at least 150 words. Include what you like or don’t like about it and why you think it may be helpful to others. The site that you review must be on the Handy Helpers list!
Then, for the remaining two posts, respond to two classmates with comments about their post – or a helpful suggestion about related resources.

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Assignment 2: Assessing Group Process 3

  A large part of being a social worker is being able to see the strengths in any situation. This characteristic can be described as having a “half full” view….

Professional Dispositions – due in 8 hours – 1 page

ECD 310    Professional Dispositions As you get further into your degree program, you probably are thinking more and more about your future career once you graduate. Luckily for you,….

Need by Wednesday at 8:00 pm est Discussion: Article Summary 4

  Objectives Research industry news and relate it to the interests of a company or professional marketer Communicate with professional peers regarding industry advancements and events Introduction During this week….