Alcohol problems in the united states

Alcohol problems in the united states. During the teenage years and early adult life, the brain is still developing, but with the intake of alcohol, it alters brain development and, consequently, life-long brain damage. According to research conducted by Harding F et al. (2016), consumption of alcohol under the stipulated age can bring along health and social problems among the is unintentional injuries and brain impairment.

Drinking alcohol when the brain is still developing will lead to altering of planning, organization, therefore, leading to mental disorders, anxiety, and addiction (Richter, L,2016). Therefore, the prohibition of alcohol intake will ensure that health risks related to it are reduced. That is depression, memory loss, violence, and decision-making ability.

Alcohol Problem in USA

On the contrary, adulthood is at 18 years in the US, where they gain all the rights to and responsibilities; alcohol consumption should be part of their decision. According to ProCon Org (2019), reaching 18 years comes with a responsibility and rights comprising voting, being prosecuted, attending juries, and being a signatory in agreements and contracts and engaging in marriage.

Alcohol problems

If the youth at 18 years have so much control over their lives, they should control their alcohol consumption. Just like a young adult at the age of 18-19-20 can marry rent, divorce without parents conceding to it, serving the military, and being tried as an adult and no longer in juvenile courts; so, should they be allowed to take alcohol.

Alcohol as a natural product is often consumed by adults for various reasons, including pleasure, reducing stress, and so forth; however, lowering the drinking age should be discouraged at all costs in the United States. The purpose is to evade negative consequences to them and the people around them. Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) statutory was enacted after 1984 when there was a specification of age,

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