Aircraft technician Course Program

The documentary analysis will be limited to materials, reports, evaluation and other pertinent data available in the school library and offices. The profile both of the students and faculty are also taken into considerations. TACT- Aircraft Technician Course Aircraft- An aircraft shall mean any contrivance now known or hereafter invented, used or designed for navigation of flight in the air, including airframe, power plant and appliances. Analysis- Analyses the resolution of a compound into each parts.
Bibliography- Description of books: a list of books relative to a special subjects. SHED- Commission of Higher Education. Dedication- An inscription or address. Document- Written or printed items for reference or evidence. Data- Plural of : given facts. Faculty- Refers to the teachers are engaged in the full time instruction with the commensurate educational qualification. Goal- Indicate thrust, a direction or target to be attained over given period. Generalization- The result of generalizing an induction.
History- History narration events, past events. Interpretation- act of interpreting, explanation, representation of character on the stage. Knowledge- State or result of knowing, learning, information. Literature- Totality of written and printed works, belles letters. Profile-An outline of anything seen from the side. Significance- Meaning or import. Statistics- The science of classification and arrangement of facts, based on the in the specialized details of a subject. Technical- Pertaining to a particular field of endeavourer as a word or apparatus.

This study was conducted , also known as Philippine Air Transport and Training Services is an aeronautical school on Limbos Eve. , San Sister, Parquet City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Founded as Joint enterprise of Filipino and American pioneers in aviation, the Philippine Air Transport Training Services started operations in 1969. It’s primary aim was to establish a manufacturing and assembly plant for trainer aircrafts, which at the time of its founding and its new pioneering objective as envisioned by it five founding directors.
Its secondary aim was to put up an aeronautical school to meet the domestic and international demands in the fields in aviation and air transportation, At the time of it founding, unfavorable investment climate prevailed. The founders drooped the first aim and proceeded to the secondary aim which was organizing and operating an Aeronautical school to provide the best professional and technical training to the youth. Thus, PATS College of Aeronautics was conformable born. The incorporating directors with experiences in aviation and air transportation.