Aid to the Unprivileged People

The Helping Hand The helping hand would be my organization to open up for the people who have low income or needs assistance with their personal business. People with low income or needs assistance sometimes need help paying their light bill, rent, gas bill and etc. I think all people need assistance such as rich or poor people. The rich people do not have the money like they say they do some rich people end up foreclosing their homes because they cannot afford their homes.
Today society a lot of different organization gives aid to the people with less income, some think having luxuries are better than going by their basic needs, and some are not equal and do not have the same dignity. The people that have more morally required giving aid to people with less say everyone needs help sometimes. People struggle with kids not Just bills. Some parents cannot afford shoes, clothes, or their kids something to eat. Some organizations such as Salvation Army and churches help needy people or low income people with them and their kids.
I think the less fortunate people and the fortunate people need help it does not matter if they are rich or not. People need assistance sometimes even if their check is short or they don’t have enough to pay all of their bills. Yes, it is wrong to enjoy luxuries when others are lacking. Churches are they main suspects, however; they take the money and give to the preachers and first lady when it should be in a fund for families that need assistance. The preachers take the money and buy new suits or a new car instead of putting the money on the church, raising a fund or charity.

Christ centers only helps disabled people when I think it should be everybody. We understand that disabled people need help too but other people are struggling every day to make ends meet. Everybody have equal basic moral status which they have the same fundamental rights. The dignity of every person is their concern with how they feel, think, and behave in relation to the worth or value of themselves and other people. To treat a person with dignity is like treating them like being worth or respected individuals. For example, the Christ Center they only help people who are disabled.
I think they should help anybody who needs help or struggling to make ends meet. From the moral aspects we are all equal and no one is privileged. Some people feel like they are turned down because of their ethnicity or their bringing home pay. People may make a lot but still have hard ship. People who are turned down are more likely to stress, do something crazy, or let all their belongings be repossessed. People rob banks and other people Just because they think that will help them get back on their feet. Robbing banks and people does not help them get back on their feet because t causes problems such as Jail or end up hurting people.

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