Agree or Disagree with Dissections

Why Do We Dissect ? The art of dissection allows for people to gain knowledge about the organisms around them in a very unique way. Dissection involves the cutting open and examination of animals or plants. Some of the earliest dissections date back to the third century where they were performed by Greek physicians. They used dissections as a means of gaining a broader understanding of their own species. Today dissections are an essential part of life.
Dissections are popularly used in autopsies to determine means of death and by students to gain a better understanding of animal and human body. I personally think dissections are the best way to learn about our own bodies through examining other animals. This is because of homology or similarities between certain animals and humans. I’ve experienced homology in frog dissections. The internal structure of the frog was similar to the internal structure of the human body. Dissections were performed live and virtually.
The live dissection of the frog allowed me to gain a true understanding of the organ systems compared to a virtual dissection done on the computer. I believe live dissections are better, they allowed me to learn more about the specimen by providing a better sense of the size and structure of the specimen. Through a live dissection I also gained lab experience in using dissection tools, safety procedures and equipment. When preparing for a lab practical a live dissection is more sufficient than a virtual dissection.

It is easier to identify internal structures when you’ve examined them up close In conclusion dissections are one of the best means of gaining knowledge about the body and internal structure of a specimen. They allow for humans to discover homology between them and other animals such as frogs. Dissections can be performed live or virtually and to me live dissections are supreme because they allow for a more in depth and hands on examination. Thus leading to a better understanding of the specimen. | |

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