AGNG 200 Aging Theory Research Assignment

Understand the theoretical basis for age-related services and programs
Differentiate between anecdotal and evidence-based knowledge 
Study and analyze one aging-related theory
Read and analyze one research study designed to test the selected theory
Discuss practical applications of the theory

The Role of Theories
Address the following questions

Why do we need theories (in general)?
How do aging theories change our perception of older adults?
What is their relevance to those who work in this field?
How can the quality of elder services be improved by these theories?

Select A Theory
Identify one biological, social or developmental theory

Describe its premise, components, concepts & definitions, assumptions
Address how and why the theory was developed

Select A Research study

Must be a primary source
Must be specifically designed to test the theory you had selected
Found in a peer- reviewed journal
Qualitative or quantitative in design
Generally a control & experimental group

Additional Components

Study limitations
Recommendations for future study
Relevance and application to practice
Quality of writing

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