Age discrimination employment act of 1967

Age discrimination employment act of 1967

The paper is individually written based on the policy topic assigned. Some policies are extensive and broad but also offer multiple sections.  The policy history should include the overarching policy but the Policy Analysis section can be more focused to a specific section of the policy, as you choose.  Policy Analysis section can be opinion of strengths and weaknesses based on program evaluations and outcome measures.

Policy Partners are welcome to share research findings and historical and factual information but the paper is ultimately written individually.

Problem Statement- Policy History  
History of how the policy came to be- discuss 1-2 preceding policies  
Societal attitudes towards the problem throughout history- how attitudes changed to support the policy development  
Current social problem and population group of people affected by the problem- detail demographics (i.e. gender, age ranges, race/culture, socioeconomic status, ), IPS  
Current status of relevant policy  
Political Realities  
Stakeholders (i.e. SIGs, mezzo/macro level):  describe at least 2 groups in Support for and Opposition to the policy  
Liberal vs Conservative  views of the social problem throughout history of the policy  
Economic Influences: what was the economic status of year/era of the policy voted on.  
Stance and/or voting statistics of Democrat & Republican parties on the current policy- this can be written as a list.  
Stance of NASW- related a principle or value from NASW to the policy  
Policy Analysis  
Current arguments for the policy- include strengths of policy (what does it does right).  Refer to an article regarding the policy then provide your supporting opinions  
Current arguments against the policy- include weaknesses (what it does wrong). Refer to an article regarding the policy weaknesses and need for amendments, then provider your supporting opinions of the weakness  
Delivery System  
Describe how are benefits offered- what is offered  
How are the benefits distributed- what is the process involved  
Agency: name at least two local agencies that receive benefits or offer support based on the program benefits.  
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