Age Discrimination

SLP Assignment
In this SLP assignment, you will prepare a PowerPoint slide presentation about Age Discrimination.
To begin, review the SLP materials related to Age Discrimination in the background material. To better inform yourself, also do some independent research to identify trends in the workforce related to age.
In your Power Point presentation, identify current issues in Age Discrimination in the workplace, social, economic, and political factors that will impact Age Discrimination in the future, and your recommendations for approaches that organizations should take to address age discrimination in the future.
Be sure to use in-text citations in your slides. Your PowerPoint presentation should be about 6-7 slides in addition to a title slide at the beginning and a reference slide at the end. Tip: Do not have too many or too few words on each slide – consider this is a slide presentation, not an essay. Also include your extra comments in the Speaker’s Comments section at the bottom of each slide, or use audio recording (voice over), or both.

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