Harriet Tubman

African American Hero: Harriet Tubman

African American Hero: Harriet Tubman.
Harriet Tubman is a well known African American Hero. What we don’t is all her untold stories. Why, you ask? We only told a glimpse of her accomplishments because all they seem to wrap their heads around is the underground railroad. Yes indeed, Harriet did build the underground railroad freeing slaves, but she did so much more. First, who is Harriet Tubman? Tubman was born in 1822 to Harriet Ross.
How did Minty Ross become Harriet Tubman? Minty ross was Harriet’s original name,that is until she married the freed black named John Tubman. This lead to taking her mother’s first name,harriet, and her husband’s last. This is who we all know as Harriet Tubman. While Harriet lived, she contributed to many things and impacted the world in many ways including going back to the south to give people a chance to be free. But where do we feel her biggest impact on her accomplishments? Out of the many harriet accomplished, her greatest contribution is to the civil war.
Harriet’s first great achievement was when she was 28. Harriet made her first rescue at this age and her last rescue was at age 38. In this decade harriet rescued a total of 23 fugitives in about 8-19 trips. To avoid dangers harriet ensured her trips occured at night . also, she prevented danger upon herself and others by meeting fugitives at prearranged places. This was a great achievement because in doing this she could have a lot of obstacles and life threats come up.

Furthermore, Harriet assisted the poor and sick. And “During the 48 years between the end of the Civil War and her death in 1913. Much of Harriet Tubman’s time was spent taking care of poor people in her home. Harriet often had six to eight people in her care”. As said by Harriet herself, “The aged,…the babe deserted, the epileptic,the blind,the paralyzed, … all found shelter and welcome.” In this quote , she makes it clear that the state your in doesn’t matter. This was another great achievement because after winning one battle instead of taking a step back for herself, she took care of others in need. Not a lot of people would take care of others in need before themselves, and for this I admire her.
Harriet’s not last, but Greatest achievement is the ones she completed during the civil war. During the civil war harriet played the key role, the spy. During this, harriet was to[get] 800 people that day, and [they] tore up the railroad and fired the bridge”. These amazing things were all completed in one single night. And even after, “Tubman was asked by the governor of massachusetts to join the union troops in south Carolina”. There she lead “ a team of 8 black spies to operate behind the lines and prvoide[d] Union raid to free slaves.
Not to mention, Harriet was also a war Nurse. Harriet “served as nurse for the wounded survivors of the (all black) 54th Massachusetts Volunteers. And even with all she had done harriet was never acknowledge or recognized, “she never even received pay or pension”. This was her greatest achievement because no one is capable of risking their lives yet alone saving 800 in a day. Her heart is so big that even after helping the wounded, that could potentially expose her to disease, she did not ask of money. And still, she kept doing so.

African American Hero: Harriet Tubman

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