Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Investigating Your Own Sales and Marketing Management Topic ( Affiliate Marketing) The final project is designed for students to combine content learned in this course with knowledge gained from other courses, or personal and/or professional situations. It is expected that students will add to the knowledge gained from the course by selecting an area of sales and/or marketing management about which they would like to gain additional knowledge that is NOT covered in depth in the class and then delve more deeply into the topic. Students should pick a sales and/or marketing management topic of interest, investigate body of knowledge sources related to the topic and then write up their findings looking for ways to relate the new topic to those covered as part of the course. Ideally, students can create a scenario where the topic area can be practically applied. IMPORTANT: Topic areas must be approved by the instructor and a special email assignment is included to prompt you to email me for approval. This is important and designed to protect you from picking a topic that is not substantial enough for this assignment.

Generally, an academic paper exploring a specific topic in earnest will naturally be of a good length. It takes a few pages to set up the paper with a thesis and lines of argument that will be pursued. There is also the defining of the theories you will be exploring (both in your own words and supported with outside references). There is the application of the theory in the real world (e.g., showing how the marketing or sales theory you are exploring operates in a specific company or industry), and finally a conclusion that pulls all of the ideas and learnings together again at the end.

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